Minecraft servers are there to aid players in getting the best online Multi-player servers to play. A list is provided where you are required to search for a server that satisfies you well and copy the server IP and the Port Address. You then paste the address in your Minecraft client in the multiplayer option. Each server is often pinged to enable it to be online and so far there are about 200,000 servers monitored. In case a server goes offline, a red number is displayed first and after a while it is removed automatically from the list. If the server remains offline for a period of two weeks, then it is deleted completely from the system. You can browse over the many server list and vote for the best that seems interesting to you. Learn about call of duty black ops cheats at

Among the servers that are available is the cube craft which is a fun server with cooperative admins who are focused in creating fun. Here you can play the Spleef and hunger games in the wild. Custom Blomes is driven by the PvP server. Wrath PVP is a place with hatred, war, raids and riches is part of life. MineAlot is community driven and has six servers that can be played and are linked together. You can play Skybock with your friends using the Epic Skyblock Minecraft and players can trade one another. Drug Cartel server deals with Minecraft law breaking where there is farming of drugs and make millions of money. Cathalcraft is perfect when playing with friends with a lag-free playing environment. The Big Dig Mindcrack Server needs you to have a FTI launcher which you download and choose the Mindcrack Mod Pack and you login.

Each and every day there is an introduction of new Minecraft servers and you can choose the ones that you feel satisfied to play them online. You can register Minecraft server at no cost with Votifier and IP in order to get many online players.